Owner’s Interview

The interview with a store owner Naoko Toma:

— What is one thing you value the most in your store?

“To make customers happy because their smiles make me happy too.”

— Next, what do you enjoy about being at TOMA?

“I really enjoy the conversations with the customers. We have family-like relationships, as some of them have been visiting us for a long time. Once, a customer who used to come here as a high school brought her family; I was so glad to know she remembered about this place.”

— It seems that you value your relationship with the customers a lot. Lastly, what measurements do you take to protect your customers from the coronavirus?

“We ask you to sanitize and measure the temperature when entering the store. Also, we ask you to wear your mask and keep your social distance. Thank you for your corporation” (as of June 8, 2021).