For Reservation please call 808-947-7022.

TOMA KARAOKE is a karaoke room founded in 1991. There are 7 rooms with a capacity of 1-25 people each. The latest songs are available from LIVE DAM and CAVS, as well as some Korean songs. The rooms are enjoyable for everyone regardless of their age. Please visit us not only for karaoke but also as a venue for your parties.

You can bring your own food and drink! Lending of cups, plates, and silvers are available for free as well. (Some drinks for sale too)

*Employment Opportunities*

We are looking for motivated and reliable individuals to join our team at Toma Karaoke. Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time position, we have flexible hours and competitive compensation. You will enjoy working in a fun and friendly environment, with opportunities for career advancement. To apply, please call or text us at 808-947-7022, or send us an email at toma@tomakaraoke.net. Don’t miss this chance to work at the best karaoke place in town.

Business Hours

Mon 6pm - 12am (next day)
Tue - Thu 12pm - 12am (next day)
Fri - Sat 12pm - 1am (next day)
Sun 12pm - 12am (next day)

Room Rate

Number of People 12~6pm 6pm~ Weekend
1-2 $15/hr $25/hr $20/hr $30/hr
3 $20/hr $30/hr $25/hr $35/hr
4 $25/hr $35/hr $30/hr $40/hr
5 $30/hr $40/hr $35/hr $45/hr
6 $35/hr $45/hr $40/hr $50/hr
7-8 $45/hr $55/hr $50/hr $60/hr
9-10 $55/hr $70/hr $60/hr $75/hr
11-12 $65/hr $85/hr $70/hr $85/hr
13-15 $80/hr $100/hr $80/hr $100/hr
16-20 $100/hr $120/hr $100/hr $120/hr
20-25 $120/hr $150/hr $120/hr $150/hr
26~30 $140/hr $180/hr $140/hr $180/hr




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